Sunday, June 12, 2011

bacon ipsum :)

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet andouille beef ribs sausage ham venison. Cow chuck fatback boudin, strip steak sirloin meatloaf ground round spare ribs meatball andouille turkey bresaola pork belly beef ribs. Beef swine turkey drumstick cow, meatball rump short loin jerky chuck. Short loin pork belly bacon corned beef headcheese strip steak, t-bone pastrami. Pork loin pancetta short ribs, sirloin pork boudin bresaola rump corned beef tenderloin biltong t-bone headcheese bacon. Fatback shank tri-tip venison biltong, beef ribs corned beef ribeye spare ribs tail shankle hamburger pig pork turkey. Flank shoulder biltong, cow pancetta salami tri-tip pork pork loin sausage tongue ham hock meatball short loin.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

ok tata bye-bye to the noughties!

The noughties were a decade of the best years of my life, spent at college, post-grad and then a long stint at SAP ending the last few days at a new company. Will most probably keep looking back at these years for the rest of my life.
I was lucky to be a part of the huge change in the last decade in India- the amazing growth (both breadth and depth) in opportunities with people carving out their own fields/professions and thriving at it through hard work: from making designer baubles, catering, tech start-ups, freelancing and of course old ones like scamming the country out of its tax money.

The decade's defining moments/memories on the Indian stage were the Science and Tech achievements of  Chandrayaan-1's trip to the moon, the obscene-but-legal rise in wealth of certain gentlemen such as Mukesh Ambani and Azim Premji, the rise in usage and fall in tariffs of mobile telecommunications in India (all but phasing out the ubiquitous yellow STD booths) and some disastrous and sad ones such as the Mumbai terror attacks and the rising lethal face of Maoist/Naxalites in large parts of India killing people, security forces, commerce and development.

Hope the next 10 years are as prosperous for india. Hope the prosperity is more inclusive. Hope Pakistan also comes out of it's radicalism-military ping-pong and shares in the prosperity of the region.