Friday, June 26, 2009

plants@home anyone?

I was riding the usual 10.30 AM BMTC Volvo to work watching a TED video about living in a biosphere and started thinking that it's high time I started nurturing something environment friendly.

Then I remembered an older TED video that I had found fascinating. This one (4.04 minutes long)was about indoor plants and came with the tagline
With only three varieties of plants, we can “grow our own fresh air” indoors, to keep us healthy.

Now that's what I need to get ahold of this weekend. Anyone in Bangalore know a nursery (preferably near Koramangala) where I can get these?


  1. how'bout some ganja

  2. @dog - LOL. Might be a good source of supplementary income in these "extraordinary times".

  3. next to my house in HSR, but why is that plant called mother in law's tongue :).
    We managed kill our pot plants though so we also need new plants.

  4. Dude...we have got a huge palm and three money plants for the house as well as a whole goddamn forest for the balcony. Think we must be producing fresh air for the whole apartment block.

    As for the nursery..on the Surjapura road..opposite Agara lake there are a couple of places.

    did you move to Koramangala now?

  5. @VT- Nice, but this article was primarily meant for the people in the polluted cities of the poorer countries... not those living in the rich hamlets in the black forest. :)

    Yep, I shifted to Teacher's Colony, near Silk Board in Jan.

  6. The road side guys wont know these by the names you intend to ask them... Check out the lalbagh nursery.