Sunday, July 30, 2006

All that's been going (wr)on(g) with the world this month...

The last couple of weeks has had big cataclysmic events-(obviously not cataclysmic in the cosmic sense... but cataclysmic to the people involved and of the level that'll be mentioned in those the-year-that-was series) terror attacks in Mumbai and the "anti-terror" war in Israel. I have been planning to blog on them, but didn't really have much substantial to say. But then, i felt like boring you anyways happily assuming that if you were really vella enough to read my blog, you have a huge ability to accept pain and won't really be affected by this one too....

The Mumbai blasts on the eleventh of seven-
Was co-incidentally home early and caught the news channels interrupting their boring daily-drivel with first reports of the same. Was quite amazed by the amount of information they were collecting in real-time out of the chaos. Immediately called up all my friends in Mumbai to do a status check. The buggers were even aware and were happily going on with their daily ministrations.
Was totally sympathetic to the crowd in Mumbai cussing the authorities, who showed the timings expected of them in Hindi movies- proverbially late after the climax has climaxed...
Was sick of the continuous babbling of the journos who kept harping on about the spirit of the Mumbaikar that accepts any abuse, from external terrorists or internal authorities or a pissed rain god or who ever wishes to, and doesn't give up. I maintain that this is all that distinguishes any Indian. The stoic ability to continue living life without hardly a shrug no matter what has happened in the environment as long as it doesn't directly affect oneself directly.
Then was shocked by the blanket ban on blogs and did my little bit and signed up at Bloggers Against Censorship. I would still be pissed if it wasn't a blanket ban but one that specifically included mine. Though I am not a lawyer, isn't it a part of my "constitutionally granted bit of freedom" to blog-bitch about things? Even if they have a religiously/communally bias/rant? (No, I don't support religious extremism and would rather they all eat shit.)

The Israel-Lebanon war-
Any kind of targeted cleansing be it ethnic-cleansing, religious-cleaning or the newly coined terror-cleansing is a farcical excuse to wreak havoc on a population that cannot fight back. That's what Israel proved when they invoked phrases from the Bush-book of warfare politics and invaded neighboring Lebanon when two, yes TWO, of their soldiers were kidnapped and killed by the Hezbollah terrorists.
And now they have managed to bomb to death a few hundred poor Lebanese, whose role in supporting the Hezbollah would have been from nothing to moral/financial at the most.
I feel the reason that Israeli nation will never be able to live in peace, is that they react to every aggravation with might, and cause equal or more damage. There is no equilibrium towards zero. I admit, that Muslim terrorists/Jihadis are known for their diligent doggedness (take Kashmir as example) but responding by random might is never going to help.

All opinions above are mine. If they cause you any distress/anger/hurt, bad luck. It's a part of my freedom of speech. Express yourself in the comments' section or your own post.

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    They rightly say: War does not decide who is right, but who is left.