Sunday, July 30, 2006

online muzik

Since the time I've had access to 'broadband' and have been spending a majority of the day fooling around in front of the computer I've been fiddling with the internet as the source to fill my insatiable need to listen to muzik.
So, a quick laydown of where I get the juice from.

Winamp’s Internet radio playlist – This is normally a good source for quite high end streams. Best bet is to search by tag/genre and then by stream quality. I’ve tried the trance and rock sections.
Yahoo Launch – My personal favorite. Really lets you customize. Though over the last few months, they’ve been pumping too many ads into the free service. Also, their way of providing content is problematic: with browser support restricted to IE and Yahoo Messenger also as an alternative (but beware it’s crashes).
Of course you can listen to MY launch station too.
Virgin Radio - This is probably the only broadcast only station that can hold me. Though i listen to the Classic Rock station only. Listen out for the super sexy RJ Leona Graham – This site claims to classify songs by “studying and collecting literally hundreds of musical details on every song. … [like]…melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics…”. They do come up with good suggestions. Another pro for Pandora is that they play pretty high quality over low bandwidths. The only con I can think of over the top of my hat is that they have a desperate lack of width, no classical! – This is the latest place I’ve hit. Carries all new buzzwords ‘social networking’, ‘web 2.0’, ‘tagging’(which is nothing but a personalized station) but lacks a seriously good interface and selectibility. Though i did like the parts about it going through your desktop playlist and updating your likes.

** One thing I haven't done, is test the delivery robustness of these on the Linux platform.

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