Saturday, February 23, 2008

what's up doc

it seems that it has been 2008 for quite some time now, and it's just february! signs of old age>?

spent the first 15 days working my ass off at office so that i could go for my annual 18 -day [ya i know, you are allowed to turn green] vacation in Calcutta...

and then came the vacation...
the first week was pretty heavy-duty partying and socializing. yet another of my school mate (Vij) got married and quite a few of our school gang from james were in town, so just the best excuse to drink and catch up...
the second week was as radically different. it kept alternately drizzling and raining and so i spent most of the week with a book in one hand and a variety of hot drinks in the other.
the third week started off with my birthday, which i spent with my family after 9 years... was different in a nice way
of course the thrid week was most spent in wrapping up, packing, shopping, the 'times kolkata festival' and saying good-bye
by the way, if you're ever flying indigo i'd suggest you pay the extra 100 bbucks they charge for the emergency exits. even though the leg space is more there, the fact that they charge extra means that almost no one buys those tickets, and so you have 3 seats to stretch your butt on.

since coming back i realized that 1) bangalore sucks and 2) i miss calcutta.

hope the rest of the year goes uphill from here...

p.s.- despite microsoft (word's ) disapprovals i am tending more and more to keep typing in small case since i saw jerry yang's email . let me know whether you like it or should i actuall listen to my english teacher.


  1. You forgot the time spent with us da. What about the aoe and ds. ;)

  2. @ankur- of course not, but then some things are not public blog material.. ;)