Saturday, March 01, 2008

disturbingly good

was flipping (or is it clicking) though a blog "Emancipation of Eve" suggested by a friend when i came across these lines that struck a disturbingly discordant chord some-bluddy-where...

I am a product of you.
Amoral, illegal, me

The zygote of hard-working parents
The dreams, dreamt within social constraints
The first steps taken in infancy
Pronouncing the A, B, C and D of Democracy.

I am a product of you.
Stubborn, sinful, me
read the rest here.


  1. That is pretty much in-your-face types..!! Let me know the blog where you read it!

  2. Hmm. Thanks for linking the poem Mr Chatterjee. Would be nice-r if you could put the blog link more prominently. :) The blog's called Emancipation of Eve.

    eve* aka jb

  3. and then the creator "said let there be linkback"... :)

    And thanks for coming by my blog Eve* aka JB.... hope you read something else here too..

    cheers, mataal

    PS- my dad's Mr. Chatterjee, online I'm known as... wait for it... mataal