Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Telegraph Quick Crossword

thanks to the great guys at the telegraph website i regained a much coveted daily pleasure of mine- the telegraph quick crossword- which was part of the brekky ritual at the dining table back home with the morning's first cuppa in one hand and a pencil in the other.

today's crossword (click on the image above) was a nice way to start off on the old habit again. not too hard but with a couple of clues that you just can't seem to crack, leaving you coming back at it...

hope you guys enjoy it too and do let me know if you get the answers on 5a, 8a, 5d and 7d. ;)

ps- in case the folks developing this app read this- thanks a bunch!!! and only one request- please improve the navigation/interaction. i hated to keep on pressing right/down arrow keys to enter the words letter by letter.
PPS/UPDATE- Guys, please add an option to be able to see the answers after submission (either immediately for a crossword.. or at worst next day). A big part of the crossword experience is to see the answers later and learn!!

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