Friday, April 25, 2008

presenting ze new 'n' improved TT quick crossword

after discovering the telegragh india's online quick crossword i posted a bunch of request's in my last post on this topic. looks like someone on their dev team might have actually read it... or at least tried using it and came up with the same to-do list.

they've rolled out a new 'enhanced!' version sometime last week and it simply rocks...

some sexy features-

- much improved navigation, yes you don't have to keep pressing arrow keys!
- a cool feature of checking if you've gone wrong anywhere before submission
- nice correlation between the clues and its corresponding location on the grid... "no more i spy 24 down"kudos!

shameless plug department- did anyone NOT notice my name in the pic above as the 1st successful submitter for todays crossword? :)

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